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What do you get from UpReach?

Marketing and sales representation at the next level. 
UpReach has an extensive reach, to both large and medium-size pharmaceutical companies, as well as to biotechnology companies, with whom we have established contacts and a history of providing them with contract services via our clients. We especially emphasize to these contacts the new, cutting-edge technological services offered by UpReach clients. Put another way, UpReach is a virtual billboard that advertises and promotes its clients’ capabilities. 
Services that UpReach provides:
·        Help with companies’ website design
·        E-Commerce marketing (directed e-mailing)
·        Direct mailing campaigns (flyers, brochures,)
·        Personal interaction with our contacts, at conferences, tradeshows, congresses, and through presentations at their sites jointly with our clients. 
·        International presence (including working with Asian R&D laboratories).
What is so special about UpReach’s website
Every one of UpReach’s clients is represented on the UpReach website. The site is composed of different categories of interest that are easily accessible from search engines. Thus, not only is UpReach’s clients’ information on the website, but their specific services are uniquely linked and designed for search engine optimization. UpReach’s website was purposely designed for maximum exposure of each client’s services. 
UpReach’s platform is based on the following goals:
·        Being a product champion for its clients’ services. 
·        A go-to company that optimizes smaller companies’ presence in the vast field of biotechnology/pharmaceutical preclinical development.
Reduced cost in marketing and sales representation.
Since UpReach’s business model is focused on aiding multiple companies, the direct cost for marketing an individual client is significantly reduced.
We also offer:
        With over 10 years experience in the pharma/bio community, we know their current out-sourcing needs. It is our access and knowledge-base that is the core of UpReach’s value to new companies offering services to the biomedical community.
        Sales Procurement:
        UpReach has a history of procuring deals for its clients that would not have occurred without its presence. 
        Contracting Negotiation:
        UpReach is 100% committed to obtaining the highest and best possible compensation for its clients. Additionally, UpReach conducts the appropriate due diligence for its clients, taking the guess-work out of bidding on a specific study or set of studies. 
        Project Planning:
        Project Management: 
        Scientific Writing:
        CNS Market Research:
        Due Diligence for in-licensing
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