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Prime Behavior Testing Laboratories

Prime Behavior Testing Laboratories (PBTLI) is a contract research company that provides rapid pre-clinical testing to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies for facilitating new product development.

The company focuses on testing the efficacy of novel therapeutics for cognitive and psychiatric disorders, as well as testing drugs for abuse potential and abuse prevention.  PBTLI scientists have over 15 years experience conducting contract studies, following industry standards of speed, confidentiality, and reliability.

PBTLI takes pride in its demonstrated ability to quickly and efficiently identify promising leads for continued development.  Besides pre-clinical evaluation of early stage compounds, PBTLI provides consultation on product development strategies. 

Aged primate cognition studies are available. 

Alzheimer's disease (AD) primate testing available.

Below are several primate tasks currently offered:

  • Delayed Match to Sample
  • Titrating Delayed Match to Sample
  • Delayed Match to Sample with Distractors
  • Delayed Match to Postion

Other tests include:

Anxiety-Related Behavior Tests

Elevated Plus-Maze

Light/Dark Preference (Emergence Neophobia)


Memory Tests

Spatial learning & Memory (Morris Water Maze)

Spatial Working Memory (Eight Arm Radial Arm Maze)

Passive (or inhibitory) Avoidance

Pre-pulse Inhibition


Fear Conditioning

Two-Trial Novel Object Recognition Task

Five-Choice Serial Reaction Time Task


Motor Function Tests

Open Field Locomotor Activity


Grip Strength


Tests of Nociception

Tail Flick

Thermal Sensitivity Test


Screening Tests for Drug Side Effects

Condition Taste Aversion


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