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Aarti Industries Ltd


Aarti CRAMS (Division of Aarti Industries Ltd.) provides Contract Research and Manufacturing Services with an emphasis on discovery support, process development, custom synthesis, scale up and manufacturing.


Aarti CRAMS Business Focus:

  • High Quality Process Research and Development
  • Discovery Support for NCE molecules
  • Cost Competitive Contract Service
  • Manufacture of early and later stage of clinical and commercial supply


Aarti CRAMS Services:

  • Process Development, discovery support and scale up of Phase 0 to Phase III candidates , Advanced Intermediates  and APIs
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Toll Manufacturing


Aarti CRAMS Specialty Reactions

  • Chiral Chemistry
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • Boron Chemistry
  • Triphosgene Reactions
  • Neucleoside Chemistry
  • Pyridine Chemistry
  • Pyrimidine Chemistry
  • Steroid Chemistry
  • Suzuki Coupling
  • Phenothiazine Chemistry
  • Indole Chemistry
  • Grignard Reaction
  • Cyclopropane Chemistry
  • Butyl Lithium Chemistry
  • Asymetric Hydrogenation 


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